Rent-a-wrench: new membership workshop opens in Leicestershire

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A new DIY engineering workshop has opened in Leicestershire, allowing members to make use of £25,000 worth of industrial working machinery.

The Machine Shop is based in Burbage (near Hinckley) and uses the same membership fee system as a gym, but instead of pumping iron you can panel beat, shot blast, weld, turn, chop, cut, mill, drill or spray it.

There are three levels of membership that determine which equipment you get access to, with a basic bronze level costing £40 per month. The top gold level costs £80 per month and is aimed at more serious engineers.

Welding in the Machine Shop

Owner Bob Teahan is a professional engineer of fourteen years, five of which was spent as a senior engineer for a major UK motorcycle manufacturer. He has also built and prepped bikes for Irish road race teams, so he knows a thing or two about the business.

“When I was a young engineer learning the ropes I didn’t have access to a workshop full of premium tools and machines,” he said. “So, fast forward a few years and I have created a ‘gym-membership’ style workshop where you have access to all of the latest machinery and tools.

Work bench in the Machine Shop

“We have fully qualified people on site at all times, and you can book some time with them to be taught key skills you wish to learn, like welding for example. The machine-shop is a self-service engineering and vehicle restoration workshop equipped with every tool to aid you whether you’re changing a light bulb or completing a full restoration.”

The Machine Shop is open between 4pm and 11pm on weekdays and from 10am until 11pm on weekends. To book your place or find out more visit the Machine Shop website or call/WhatsApp: 07496 999037.

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