Shock therapy: Royal Enfield 650s get K-Tech Suspension treatment

The new K-Tech kit will fit Royal Enfield 650 twins
The new K-Tech kit will fit Royal Enfield 650 twins

Looking to enhance the ride and handling of your Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 or Continental GT? Well, the spring gurus at K-Tech Suspension might have just the thing…

Sold separately for the front and rear, the Derbyshire-based specialists have produced a fully adjustable front fork cartridge kit, as well as two sets of rear shocks, which simply bolt in, in replacement of the rudimentary preload-adjustable-only originals.

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Starting up front, the Tracker front fork cartridges offer a complete replacement for standard hardware and slot directly into the standard tubes. Manufactured in house, there are external adjusters for preload, compression and rebound damping. 

K-Tech Tracker front fork cartridge kit

Priced at £594, they can only be fitted at authorised dealers and do not come with springs, which must be ordered separately.

To the rear, the original twin shocks can be replaced with a set of nitrogen-filled Razor or Razor ‘Lite’ (no, not the indie band…) designs, which both come finished in anodised black. Starting with the Razor Lites, the £594 pair offer adjustable rebound and preload, as well as length alteration. Optional spring rates are also available.

K-Tech Razor Lite shocks

Elsewhere, the full-fat, fully adjustable Razors come in at a pricey £954 and offer compression, rebound and preload adjustment. Again, length can also be changed, as can spring rate.

Simply swapping for the standard equipment, it’s an expensive addition to a pair of bikes priced at around £6000, however could offer serious improvements to your bike’s handling and comfort.

K-Tech Razor shocks

MCN’s Online Editor Gareth Evans is running an Interceptor 650 as part of the 2020 long-term test fleet and will be testing some of these units very soon. Read our ongoing test here. 

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