WIZ Knee Sliders produce NHS charity range in response to Coronavirus

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WIZ Knee Sliders have begun producing a new charity range, with 30% of the proceeds of each unit sold being donated to the National Health Service.

"Like most people, we are very aware of how tough things must be for the NHS and key workers right now," WIZ founder, Will Bennett, 54, told MCN. "On top of that, we are at that age where we have lost parents and family, all of which had great treatment when needed."

The striking rainbow pucks are handmade and come available as either £45 sparkies, or £38 non-sparky versions, with 30% of that money being donated to NHS Charities Together - who offer support to over 230 NHS fund raising groups across the UK.

Sold as a set of two, products come with a hook fixing on the backing to attach to the loop material on your leathers, however, this can be swapped if required.

Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves uses WIZ sliders

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"I have a strong motorcycling and racing heritage," Will continued. "Almost all my friends are from the racing world and - as we all should know - we run a high risk and could need the NHS at some point, as racers and motorcyclists.

"In 2018, I had my lower right leg amputated - the solution to a mangled ankle from a racing incident in the mid-90s. I am doing very well now with my fancy new leg and am more mobile. I'm also pain free for the first time in 20 years." 

WIZ began in 1989 during Will’s club racing career. Unable to buy any sliders for the next round at Castle Combe, he made his own out of layers of hard leather. Soon enough, people wanted to buy sets and within a couple of years, 26-time TT-winner, Joey Dunlop, was appearing in them, too. 

"We spend a lot of time making [our products] look great, but the most important thing is that a WIZ slider will always perform for the racer on the track," he explained. "They look bloody great though and that is the icing on the cake!"

To get your own set of sliders and donate to a good cause, click here.

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