Covid safe: Oxford Products order 100k balaclavas for customers to safely try on helmets

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Oxford Products are readying their dealer network to open for business as lockdown restrictions ease. In order to let customers try on helmets safely, they’re bringing in 100,000 cotton balaclavas.

The balaclavas, which are the same as the cotton item in Oxford’s range, will be sold to dealers at a heavily subsidised rate to help keep their business ‘Covid safe’ as they start to re-open in line with the Government’s guidance.

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“There is no such thing as 100% safe,” explained Henry Rivers Fletcher, Oxford Products Marketing Director. “We are all learning how to live with Covid-19 in our midst and all of the measures we are being encouraged to employ are there to reduce and minimise risk, not remove it altogether.”

Oxford think that some bike shops will decide to give the balaclavas away with purchases of new helmets, too. But what will happen to them if not?

“They should either be sanitised (e.g. washed at 60 degrees with a bleach based detergent such as biological powder for whites) or safely disposed of. But with the subsidised price we are offering to dealers, I suspect that they will gift with a purchase or safely dispose of them.”

The balaclavas usually retail at £8.99 and features four-way stretch material and comfortable flatlock seams.

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