Former Dirty Sanchez star Mathew Pritchard teams up with Mutt to get bike licence

Pritchard samples the Mutt 125 for size
Pritchard samples the Mutt 125 for size

Former Dirty Sanchez TV star turned endurance athlete, Mathew ‘Pritch’ Pritchard, is embarking on a new challenge to get his motorcycle licence in partnership with Mutt Motorcycles.

The 47-year-old television presenter, from Cardiff, will be taking his Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in the coming months aboard the Birmingham firm’s Fat Sabbath 125, before delving into an intensive course to get his full licence.

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Documenting the whole thing for his YouTube vlogging channel, Pritch spoke to MCN ahead of the two-wheeled test, saying: “I’ve always wanted to learn to ride. I did my CBT once and I was going to get my licence, but it was during the Sanchez days and I was never anywhere long enough.”

A Mutt Fat Sabbath 125 will be used for training

With his licence sorted, he then plans on teaming up with Mutt to build a bespoke bike for his requirements, based around one of the firm’s 250s. 

“It will be manufactured to my specification,” he continued. “I want to design a bike for going on weekends away – like a touring bike where I can put my clothes inside it and pitch a tent against it and get away from the city.”

Priced at £3495, the Fat Sabbath, to be used for his CBT, is powered by a fuel injected 125cc four-stroke, single cylinder engine, producing around 11.8bhp and 7.4lbft of torque. Weighing just 105kg dry and sporting a stripped-back retro look, there’s a two-year warranty and claimed top speed of 70mph – plenty for a day of training.

With limited previous experience aboard motocross bikes and plenty of miles under his belt on road-going pushbikes, he went onto say: “I’ve got a lot of experience of riding cycle bikes, so I know the dangers of being on two wheels.

“When it comes to riding, it’s not so much you, it’s everybody else on the roads. I’m always ready to put on the anchors,” he added.

Since finishing with Dirty Sanchez, the Welshman has gone on to present a variety of shows and plunged himself into an epic fitness regime. In fact, learning to ride will be done around his training to row the Atlantic Ocean in January 2021. Best of luck!