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The riders behind the Monimoto motorcycle tracker are giving you the chance to own a piece of the action and support them in the fight again bike theft once and for all. With around 40,000 motorcycle thefts a year in England and Wales* and 80% of bikes stolen from an owner’s home**, there’s around a 3.3% chance your motorcycle will be stolen*.

Monimoto is a smart motorcycle tracker that works both as an alarm and a tracking device, but unlike its competitors it is completely independent from your bike’s battery and electrics. This means even if the electrics on your bike are disabled, it will still work on it’s batteries in the stealth mode for months! And if it is indoors and GPS isn’t available, Monimoto will send an alarm to your phone and the approximate location, based on GSM technology. Battery-powered, featherlight and completely wireless, placing the tracker on your motorcycle is easier than ever and the app set up takes less than a minute. 

Monimoto is offering you chance to be involved by investing in their crowd funding campaign. Raised funds will be used to boost marketing and sales operations outside the EU and in the US, as well as to expand the use of Monimoto devices to protect a variety of vehicles and movable items, such as boats, lawnmowers and expensive garden furniture. Stand by for new product launches by the end of this year!

They’ve already received a €300,000 grant from the EU, which gave an incredible boost to their research and development and they’ve already had 100% year-on-year growth and over 10,000 customers in Europe.

Using Crowdcube (the community crowdfunding platform), Monimoto is aiming to raise €600,000. This will equate to 10% of the shares, which makes the company valuation €6 million! They have already received initial commitments from venture capital firms Open Circle Capital and Iron Wolf Capital of 50%!

To own a part of Monimoto you can invest from as little as £10 and still receive their exclusive shareholder rewards. Click here: for more information. 



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