Energica’s giant leap: New EMCE motor promises greater power and range

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Energica have announced a new electric motor, which they say offers a considerable improvement in all areas.

The motor, dubbed the EMCE, has been co-engineered with the Italian company Mavel, a research and development business that specialises in electronics. Mavel have done lots of work with cars before but this project was their first foray into the two-wheel world.

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“Innovation is the main strength of our technical department which, together with Mavel, has found the perfect collaboration to push the limits of current technology, further improving an already high-performing product,” says Giampiero Testoni, Chief Technology Officer of Energica.

As part of their work, Mavel were able to optimise Energica’s motor design with the specific goal of minimising energy losses. They did this through software changes, such as new control algorithms, as well as through hardware innovation, such as a new rotor design that creates in internal airflow to cool the magnets.

The result is a claimed peak power increase to 168bhp from 134bhp, a reduction in weight of 10kg and a range increase of up to 10%. The motor is also now liquid cooled, rather than oil cooled, which Energica says delivers more consistent performance as well a subtle improvement to the handling.

Interestingly Energica say that they brought the introduction of the EMCE motor forward because of pandemic-related supply chain issues, having completed development work in just six months.

The result is that the motor will now be standard fitment on all Energicas currently in production. The Energica range starts from £17,690 for the EsseEsse9, jumping up to £25,190 Ribelle.