Aprilia Pro for a day: Grab some track time with GP riders

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As part of their ‘All Stars’ festival at Misano, Italy, on May 7–8, Aprilia are offering an on track ‘pro experience’. On the Sunday those who are lucky enough to bag tickets will get to spend the day learning from three of the best riders in the business: Max Biaggi, Lorenzo Savadori, and Andrea Iannone.

There are just 12 spots available for the event, with each ‘super coach’ assigned to four riders. The event consists of six sessions, all 20 minutes each, aboard an RSV4 Factory, which has been fitted with cameras so the coaches can analyse the onboard footage and debrief the riders.

Of course no one wants to go away empty handed from such an experience, so the day also includes a dedicated photo shoot – time it well and it could go down in history as they day you did Biaggi on the brakes. Or maybe not.

For now Aprilia haven’t released any prices and have just said that riders should register their interest on Aprilia.com but with just 12 spots available, it’s sure to sell out in no time regardless of the price.