Michelin roll out new Road 6 and Road 6 GT touring rubber

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Michelin have announced new versions of their do-it-all tyre, which will now be called the Road 6 and Road 6 GT.

Following on from the Road 5, which has been a firm favourite in the MCN office since it was introduced in 2018, the Road 6 focuses on increased wet grip and greater longevity, as well as a larger spread of sizes.

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Michelin Road 6 tyres on a range of motorcycles

Michelin say the new tyre benefits from a fresh tread design, improved raw materials and an improved build, which all contribute to a claimed 15% improvement in wet grip over the old model, as well as a claimed 10% increase in tyre life.

The Road 6 is available now in six front and eight rear sizes, while the Road 6 GT comes in one front and three rear sizes covering everything from sub-500cc machines right through to 1600cc heavyweights.

Prices vary depending on size, but expect to pay around £250 a pair.

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