BMW outfit is collie good fun: Dynamic duo of Daves have covered over 20,000 miles


Meet Dave: the four-and-a-half-year-old sidecar-riding collie, who has embarked on a new life of motorcycling adventure after being rescued two years ago. 

A failed sheepdog originally from Ireland, Dave now lives with his biking-mad owner, 53-year-old Dave Sargent from Northamptonshire, who purchased his BMW RT and Watsonian sidecar outfit specifically for canine adventures. 

“I like my bike holidays and we basically spend all day together,” Sargent told MCN. “I thought ‘I don’t want to leave him in kennels, I’d miss him too much, so I’ll buy a motorbike and sidecar.’ 

“It didn’t have to come with that particular bike,” he continued. “We’ve got to the point now where I don’t actually have a car. This is our everyday transport.” 

Since human Dave purchased the outfit, the pair have covered around 20,000 miles together – taking on Land’s End to John O’Groats with adventurer Nathan Millward, the Armchair Adventure Festival in Cornwall and most recently a six-week holiday in France. 

“We just go everywhere,” Sargent said. “With a small lottery win, I’d love to just go off around the world as far as we could get without having to put him in quarantine.  

“To us, this is perfectly normal because we do it all the time,” he continued – also urging more people to take the plunge and purchase an outfit of their own. If you’ve got pets, everyone should do it! If someone put a llama in a sidecar I reckon they’d break the internet!” 

The two Daves stole the show at the recent Ramsey Sprint event, which took place on the Isle of Man during the TT fortnight (more about that on page 7).  

MCN caught up with both of them between runs up the strip, which were all met with cheers and applause from the large crowds.  

“This is the first time Dave’s been to the TT, but he seems to be enjoying it,” Sargent continued. “I’d never been to the Sprint before and just thought it’d be quite funny to do some runs.” 

Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

News Editor, sportsbike nut, and racing fan.