Bike tax on the up: Machines over 600cc cross the £100 threshold

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Motorcycle tax rates are set to increase from April 1 2022, with bikes over 600cc crossing the £100 threshold.

Motorcycles in this category will now cost £101 a year as a one-off payment – an increase of £5 over 2021 charges. If you wish to split this over 12 monthly payments, you’ll end up spending £106.05 overall.

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But it’s not just big bikes on the increase, with two and three wheelers seeing price rises across the board.

Anything up to 150cc has gone up £1 to an annual cost of £22, with 151-400cc machines now taxed at £47 – representing a rise of £2. Elsewhere, 401-600cc bikes are up by £4 to £73 a year.

Also sharing the £101 charge are tricycles over 150cc, with those below that capacity costing £22 a year. The £55 first registration fee remains unchanged.