Live fast, die old: Enjoying Scotland safely

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A cinematic new safety film is being shared by the Scottish Government, encouraging riders to slow down and take in the scenery in a bid to curb casualty statistics. Minister for Transport Jenny Gilruth said: “We’re seeing lots of bikers on the roads with many taking advantage of the longer days and enjoying the incredible scenery Scotland has to offer.”

The 1m 29s film (below) forms part of the Live Fast Die Old safety campaign run by the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland.

“I’d urge any motorcyclists exploring Scotland’s breath-taking roads this season to take their time, adjust their speed and consider their surroundings before overtaking,” Gilruth added. “Enjoy the ride – but get home in one piece.”

Live fast die old

Featuring slow-motion footage of the stunning landscapes on the Isle of Skye, as well as highlighting potential dangers like fellow motorists and pedestrians, it’s hoped viewers will take in every hazard before committing to an overtake.

“We speak to bikers and other road users all year round but as the better weather arrives, there is a real focus on motorbike safety and educating all drivers,” Deputy Head of road Policing, Superintendent Stewart Mackie, said. “Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than other road users. My plea to other riders is a straightforward one – get home safe.”

Motorcyclists make up less than 1% of all traffic in Scotland, however accounted for 418 reported casualties in 2020. Sixteen of these were fatalities, accounting for 17% of all road deaths in the region.

Watch the video here:

Phil West

By Phil West

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