Speed demon Jack Frost beats Guy Martin’s speed record on his boosted 'Busa


Jarrod ‘Jack’ Frost has smashed through the 270mph standing-mile barrier on his turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa, beating ex-TT racer and TV star Guy Martin’s course record in the process.

The 274.926mph run at Elvington was made on his Holeshot Racing Suzuki Hayabusa and beats the impressive 270.965mph mark set recently by Guy Martin himself.

Frost said: “I’ve hit 269.9mph before on the standing-mile, loads of times. That 270mph barrier was like a brick wall. It was so frustrating and I was having a bit of a laugh with Guy about it the other day, because I’ve done 269, actually 269.9 probably six times and just never broken that 270 barrier on the standing-mile.”

The ‘brick wall’ stood strong for most of that August day, but with a few adjustments and perseverance Frost finally cracked it. He added: “I usually run something like 260mph on the first pass, as a banker, but I was changing a couple of things and then went and did a run at 263, 267 and then 269mph.

“I put a little bit more boost in, changed the sprocket and did 269.98 – again! I’m not lying here, I know it sounds bad but I thought ‘this is just ridiculous, I’m going to put bike in the van’.

“I was absolutely frustrated… again. I thought ‘right we’ll just change the sprocket again, go a bit taller’. So changed another tooth and then it went 270.7. Then I did another run with a fraction more boost in because there was a little
bit to be had in the mid-range.

“On the last run, I was actually running out of fuel, so it was going to be the last one of the day regardless. So I thought I’d just go a little bit short on the swingarm just to knock out a bit of wheelspin as the tyre was already done after a few passes earlier that day. I put another little bit more boost in, I mean, hardly anything, just to potentially take it over 275mph.”

Although the 275mph barrier was not broken, Jack believes there is still more to come from the highly modified 2010 Suzuki as he had a little ‘speed dip’ while changing into third. MCN will keep a close eye on the next Busa run out.

Guy Martin will now be hoping to re-take the Elvington speed record on his own Hayabusa – a machine that Frost has helped prep.