WIN £3477 of expert rider coaching! Transform your riding skills in 2023 with Rapid Training and MCN

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If you want to become a seriously fast, confident and safe rider, you have two basic options: 1) Keep putting in the miles and hope you improve over the years or 2) Get coached by experts and transform your riding in a matter of weeks. If option 2) sounds appealing, this free competition is for you.

The prize is Rapid Training’s class-leading Bikemaster course, worth £3477. Its unique format combines six days of one-to-one coaching on the road with two days on track – the ideal place to hone your machine control skills in safety. Besides all Rapid’s coaches being trained to Police Class 1 level, they have a British Superbike team so their coaching is second to none.

Bikemaster is suitable for all levels of experience and guaranteed to transform your riding. Here’s how:

Bikemaster Level 1: The foundations

The first stage is two days of one-to-one coaching on the road. This is where your Rapid Pro Coach will identify habits that may be holding you back, along with those elements of your riding that can take you forward. You will learn how to enhance your ability to see and interpret detail at speed, how to develop a natural and intuitive response to whatever comes your way, and how to handle your bike with precision. Rapid have coaches all over the UK, and they each know the best roads on their patch so besides improving your skills you’ll have a fantastic two days of riding.

On board with Rapid Training instructor

Bikemaster Level 2: Fast progress

This is all about enhancing your performance. Starting with a full day on the track, you will develop a feel for the technical skills required for handling a modern motorcycle at greater speeds and lean angles than you are using currently. Transferring your new found confidence and ability onto the road, over two days you’ll learn to link what you see around you with what you need to do. But you won’t be learning any rigid rules – road riding is too complex for that. Rapid’s approach is to help you develop a natural, intuitive and dynamic riding style which will help you handle increasingly complex problems at higher speeds.

Bikemaster Level 3: Expert polish

Another full day on track and two more days on road will elevate your skills to levels most can only dream about. During the day on track you’ll learn how to use much more of your bike’s potential through enhanced braking and steering techniques, plus how to improve performance through exit drive. With a feel for just how much more you and your bike can deliver, you’ll then spend two days of intensive road training. This will help to develop your own natural riding style and achieve the relaxed, focused, effortless flow that is the hallmark of a top class rider.

Learning motorcycle theory with Rapid Training

Who are Rapid Training?

Rapid Training are one of Britain’s most respected advanced training companies. Two things set them apart. Firstly, every coach is trained to Police Class 1 standard – the highest road riding qualification possible. Secondly, they really know about high performance riding – the company was founded by a bunch of ex-racers, there are TT and enduro racers on the current staff and there’s now a Rapid BSB team.

To learn more or enter the competition head to the Rapid Training website.