Shootout in Shelsley: First bike-only hillclimb heads to Worcestershire venue

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The world’s oldest motorsport venue to still run events on its original course, Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire, will host the NHCA’s (National Hillclimb Association) first-ever all-bike hillclimb on July 1, 2023.

The course has been in use since 1905, making it older than the likes of Le Mans and Monza, and comprises a 1000-yard, narrow road with a 1:6.24 rise at its steepest point with racers reaching speeds of up to around 140mph.

The July 1 event is also a British Hillclimb Championship round and will see competitors perform two timed runs before the ten quickest riders move on to final shootout.

Warming rear tyre at the Shelsley Hill Climb (image: Track Action Photography)

Better still, it is an open event meaning you can sign up online and compete on what you ride on the day if you enter one of the classes.

The entry fee includes a day’s membership to the ACU which brings insurance for that event’s racing. The only rules are: no tyre warmers, and no turbos.

“It’s a unique sport,” said NHCA spokesman and competitor Dave Peat. “The fact that you set off with cold tyres makes it a challenging sport, although you are allowed to spin and warm your back tyre. Setting off with a cold front tyre makes things more challenging still and quite exciting on its own.”

Cornering action from Shelsley Hillclimb (image: Clinton Sparkhall)

He added that it is a friendly and welcoming crowd with a range of interesting people involved at the top level of the sport. For those not wanting to compete, general entrance spectator tickets are £18, with more information on the races available on the NHCA website.