Brighton Speed Trials absent of motorcycles again

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The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) Sprint Section Committee have pulled out of the Brighton Speed Trials over course safety concerns meaning the event will be a car only affair for the third year running.

In a statement on their website the committee said: “The road layout of Madeira Drive is currently not conducive for two and three wheeled motor sport without additional safety features being installed to mitigate the issues concerned.

“To explain, we feel that the vastly decorated road surface (with a myriad of different colours), the additional street furniture, traffic islands, the narrowing towards the finish line and not forgetting the Sea Lanes development on the seaward side of Madeira Drive. All of which is presently mitigated against by way of Armco, tyre walls etc.

A fast run at the Brighton Speed Trials

“These may be proportionally safe for cars but not for motorcycles, all be it a straight-line sprint. To further mitigate for the motorcycles, it would incur significant cost. This would have to be borne by the VMCC Sprint Section which we could not afford or justify.”

Since the event’s return following Covid restrictions in 2021, motorcycles have been excluded over safety concerns, with the VMCC saying last year it was looking forward to returning in 2023.  

The principal concern over surface conditions is the introduction of a painted green cycle lane and the lack of grip the new surface provides to motorcycle entrants.

The VMCC committee added: “We understand that motorcycles at speed can pose a risk in itself, that is obvious, but when those risks are increased to a level we no longer find acceptable, we have to make an uncomfortable decision.”