Secrets of a Road Tester: DocBike

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BikerTek and MCN have teamed up to produce a third series of exciting riding videos to make your biking summer both exciting and safe.

This week, we’re looking at DocBike:

One of the advantages of riding a motorcycle is our manoeuvrability through traffic, but that ability to filter through or skirt a jam can also mean that we’re first to arrive at the scene of an accident. This episode looks at what we can do to pave the way for the emergency services in such a situation.

Presented by MCN’s Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves, Secrets of a Road Tester takes an in-depth look at a wide range of subjects, and how focusing on the safety side can help boost your riding skills as a whole.

Individual episodes cover setup, maintenance, mindset and group riding, as well as what to do if you’re the first on the scene in an emergency – with input from industry experts such as Chris Walker and the DocBike team.

BikerTek’s Mik Barton said: “The first set of videos from Michael Neeves and the team had such a great response it was an easy decision for BikerTek to support another series. “It seems weird now that the first videos had to be shot in a studio while so many of us were locked down at home.

Now as we’re all enjoying a proper summer at last, Neevesey’s words of wisdom are more valuable than ever. “There are extra perspectives too from a police motorcyclist and even a fighter pilot about mental preparations – as well as our old friends from DocBike. All of the videos are free to view in our online shop, alongside the story behind our performance parts for bikers. Do pay us a visit.”

Secrets of a Road Tester is aimed at anyone who rides, from seasoned all-year veterans to those experiencing two wheeled freedom for the first time. The new series goes live today (June 8) with a video released every week and will be available to view alongside existing episodes on – All the videos will be free to view online.

The other videos are packed with pro riding advice –

Get Set… go!

A basic set-up is something that many people seem to overlook, but a few simple tweaks can make all the difference to comfort, and by extension, safety and performance. From suspension settings to lever span, we take a look at what you can do to tailor your ride for a perfect fit.

Watch the video here.

Solo Riding

With additional on-board footage and a detailed commentary, Neeves breaks down all the aspects of solo riding that he’s covered in the past two series of ‘Secrets of a Road Tester’. Appropriate speed, correct cornering and safe overtaking all get a recap, along with riding to the conditions and the dangers of fatigue.

Bike Maintenance

A mechanical failure through neglected servicing may leave you stranded at best, while the worst doesn’t bear thinking about. Respected racer Chris Walker lifts the lid on some of the poorly maintained machines that get brought to his dealership and discusses the importance of keeping your bike in tip top condition.

Watch the video here

State of mind

Keeping your head in the game is one of the most Important aspects of safe riding and as relevant to big miles as it is to a routine commute. We talk to a Police motorcyclist and a former Typhoon display pilot, both of whom ride for pleasure, about how they manage their mindset.

Watch the video here


Most bikers enjoy going round corners more than any other part of motorcycling, but it’s also the place where many accidents happen. MCN’s Michael Neeves uses this video to take you through cornering in real time on a bike covered in cameras to show you how he minimises risk as a road tester to get home safe every day.

Watch the video here

Group Riding.

It’s great to ride with mates, but being out with a crowd can present its own unique set of challenges. We gather a group of riders to discuss the potential pitfalls of being in a pack, such as trying to keep up, maintaining optimal visibility and not being a nuisance to other road users.

Watch the video here



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