GSX-R is back in black

Published: 02 June 2004

I'm counting myself really lucky. I'm back on two wheels, and they are very special ones indeed.

Many of you will recall my GSX-R1000K4 was half-inched before I'd even got to the first service. Some villains are prancing around in even newer white trainers as a result. I'll try to forget, but I can't bring myself to forgive...

Having said that, the bike has been replaced and this time it's even more stunning - I've got one of just 400 of the Limited Editon black GSX-R1000s coming to the UK - and I'm the first UK journalist to get my hands on it.

Obviously, it's loads faster than than the blue and white one... ok it looks faster then.

So far I've just started to scrub the tyres in and bed the brakes. And the very next thing I'll be doing it getting a tracker fitted.