GSX-R750 turned me into a scrubber

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Andy Downes, MCN’s News Editor, is running a GSX-R750 this year. This is what he has to say about it so far.

If you’ve got an ’04 GSX-R750 and want to contact Andy, email him at

WITH more than 1300 miles already racked up on the Suzuki GSX-R750 many things are becoming very clear about this fantastic bike.

Firstly, of all the bikes I have ever ridden I can safely say it’s the one I love most. The combination of the looks, the grunty but revvy motor, powerful brakes and that Suzuki induction roar does it for me.

The 30 mile ride to work each day has become a challenge to seek out the best roads away from the A-road traffic nightmare the most direct route can be.

Using the bike every day is no chore but there are a couple of niggles I am in the process of sorting. As with most Japanese bikes nothing has gone wrong with the bike at all – but there are a few compromises on any production bike simply to make them viable to build.

My list to sort includes:

• The lack of wind-protection from the screen is being addressed by a Powerbronze Airflow tall replacement in the next few days.

• Gilles rearsets are also on the way to get shot of the stock footrests that I don’t find grippy enough when cornering.

• A Crescent Suzuki carbon fibre hugger is on order to keep the back of the bike clean. Crescent are also developing a replacement and much smaller numberplate holder that retains the standard indicators.

• The massive standard silencer is on the way out and will be replaced by an Akrapovic road legal titanium end can with removable baffle.

In two weeks I’m off to Mugello in Italy for the MotoGP round. More than 200 miles in a weekend including a double hit on the Alps on the way there and back should give me stories to tell for the rest of the year.

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