Z750 tidied and sorted

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Changing the suspension on my Z750 made a big difference when I rode it at Rockingham.

The Hagon Products (0208 502 6222) front and rear suspension took the handling from 'ok' to confidence inspiring.

All the surface ripples were ironed out and I was able to keep more corner speed. I left Rockingham overwhelmed with joy at finally reaching the set-up I've been looking for all year.

I'm finding the Pirelli Diablo's work well (for me personally) with the new rear shock, and they are proving to wear better than the Bridgestones I had. They had a lifespan of 2100 miles while as the Pirellis have already covered 2500 and are only now starting to show signs of squaring off.

As well as the upgraded suspension I've added a Genuine Kawasaki Screen which has taken away some of the buffeting up to 100mph.

Instead of being wind blasted in the chest, the blast now deflects to the bottom of my helmet.

I also I decided to rectify the ugly rear end with a tail tidy from Hamicad (www.hamicad.co.uk).

It allows you to retain the original bungy hooks, indicators and mumber plate light.

If anyone else out there has a Z750 I would like to hear from you. Click here.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff