FZ6 goes loud and far

Published: 16 September 2005

Well I’ve finally got hold of my long-term test bike for this year, a Yamaha FZ6.

The bike has already been through two staff members at MCN and the last owner, designer Steve Herbert, had only just passed his test so the bike is still in restricted 33bhp form and the local Yamaha dealer hasn’t got a slot to derestrict it till the end of the month.

On the upside though the first owner had fitted a set of aftermarket cans but not taken the baffles. I may not be able to get full power out of the engine but I thought I might at least be able to get a little bit more after removing the baffles… and it definitely sounds a whole lot better.

Check out the video below to see what it sounded like before and after I took out the baffles.

I was also lucky enough to get an invite from the Fazer Owners Club – Unofficial www.foc-u.co.uk to one of their rideouts, so on Saturday I headed off to Skegness to meet up for a hundred mile ride through the Wolds.

With a 60 mile ride from Peterborough I was already warmed up by the time I got there and the guys had organised a great ride from the seaside town to Willingham woods that was fast paced enough to please the quicker riders but never quick enough to lose anyone that didn’t want to push to keep up.

I’ve got a few more plans for the FZ6 including some low rise bars that will give a bit more of a sporty stance, so check back for the latest developments.

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