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1 of 1 took you on an interactive ride round the country during the day on September 1. Read how it went below and check out the related topic linked from this story to see feedback from site users.

6.25pm: Home in time for tea:

The Ed is home after more than 10 hours on the road with short breaks for a few snap shots along the way. How many miles has he coverered? Post your guesses on the end of the ‘related topic – tell me where to go’ thread you’ll find below, right.

The final ride took him down the A5 to Oswestry – through more rain. But once back in England and on the M54 the skies cleared and his kit dried!

The M6 was its usual traffic-laden self and some kind of incident meant a lot of filtering around Kettering on the A14, but he’s now home with proof you can reach fantastic roads and stunning scenery in a day trip.

Latest update: 2:30PM

Our Editor is currently settling down for a spot of lunch on the A5 near Llangollen. Since the last update he’s followed the A496 to Barmouth, where he stopped to take some snaps on teh quayside and then continued on through Harlech (stopping at the Castle) and up the coast road, with stunning views of the Welsh coast.

On reaching Maenwrog he took the A4212 towards Bala, which was a faster route, but still with great scenery. He did encounter a low-flying RAF jet and a bit of heavy rain in the mountains, but it sooned cleared.

His plan now is to journey on via the A5 and Oswestry and Shrewsbury before heading back towards the M6.

Update: 12 noon:

The intrepid Editor has crossed the Cambrian mountains, en route for a spot of lunch at Dolgellau. He’s in a positive mood despite a spot of rain, as apparently the roads are “fantastic, and pefect for a bike like the CB. Not mega tight but twisty, and with fantastic scenery.”

After some refreshments, he’s aiming to ride the A496 towards Harlech Castle, and start a return leg via the National Park.

Update 11am:

David is now outside Powis Castle, where he persuaded a nice lady to take a quick photo of him and his bike (see right). It’s a quick detour from his route on the A5 and the A458. He’s now aiming for Dolgellau, near the Welsh Coast, which means crossing the Camrbian mountains.

Update: 10am

Having checked the weather and the Have Your say forum, David left at 8am on the A14 and headed West. By 10am, he’s covered over 100 miles, and reached the services at Junction 3 of the M54. He might have been quicker, but spent the last 10-15 miles nursing a bike on the last dregs of his fuel tank.

His current plan is to head towards Telford on the A5, and into Wales, before taking the A458 at Shrewsbury. He’ll be checking back in at approximately 11am, so if you want to meet up with him for a ride, a drink or possibly lunch, post your message on our forums, right.

First update: 8am:

Site Editor David Cushman left his home in Cambridgeshire at 8am this morning on his Honda CB1300S, and we’ll be adding updates all day allowing you to track his progress, hook up with him when he takes breaks along the way, and you’ll even be able to dictate where he goes. At key points, your votes can direct him on his way. Post your suggestions on the ‘Tell me where to go’ related topic link right.

And if you do meet up with our rider along the way, we want you to send in your own pics. There will be prizes for the best. He’ll buy you a drink, too.

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