A ZX-10R tourer?

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In just two hours our long-term test ZX-10R has been transformed from a rip-snorting animal into a practical 185mph super tourer.

Okay so the guys at MCN reckon it now needs a tartan rug and a granny’s cushion on its new Ventura luggage rack, but I reckon we’ve turned it into the perfect, practical sports bike.

Adjustable Gilles rearsets give me an extra inch of leg room for when I’m touring or can be lifted for track work. The Ventura luggage system gives me 50 litres of storage space without worrying if it’s going to fly-off at speed and the new Kawasaki higher screen means I get loads more wind protection for piling on the miles.
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Okay, so it’s a real luxury but the addition of TomTom’s Rider satellite navigation system means I won’t have to mess around with maps, and it beams directions to an in-built headset via Bluetooth.

The changes have all been put in place for a forthcoming run a few friends are doing down to Pamplona in Spain to run with the bulls plus, my job at MCN increasingly means I’m away at conferences and need to carry smart clothing and a laptop.

The new improvements mean I can now carry it all easily and show up looking half presentable with my laptop in one piece.

And the best bit is none of it stops me doing trackdays and riding as god intended, and you can’t argue with that.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff