Deauville joins MCN fleet

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Another bike has joined the MCN long term test fleet, as Used Bikes Editor Angus Farquhar picked up his 2006 Honda Deauville from Fowlers in Bristol.

And it’s a baptism of fire for the bike as Farquhar is en route to Paris to cover a story for the site. He’s already ridden from Bristol to Portsmouth and gave us a quick report as he waits for his ferry.

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“It’s nice to ride as it’s so chilled and relaxed. it’s also very comfortable and you can just cruise through traffic, keeping up a constant speed, rather than rushing around. The only thing I’ve struggled with is finding the buttons to get everything to work, such as the panniers.”

And when he returns on Sunday he’ll have already racked up the mileage needed for the first service. To chat to Angus about the bike, just follow the Related Articles link, right.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff