A happy GTR owner

Kawasaki GTR: Just that bit better. Having tested Yamaha’s FJR the natural replacement for my previous XJ900 I read a follow up report on Kawasaki’s new GTR. This report compared not only the FJR but also BMW’s K1200 GTSE. Confused I called BMW. I could practically see the dealership if only a couple of houses were removed. They answered ‘Yes we have a K1200GT demonstrator here right now and it’s full of fuel and yes, you can have it for the rest of the day’. 

So the two horse race had become three. The FJR (not clutchless) tried and tested fitted me like a glove, comfortable for both rider and passanger. But listen I’m a joiner Ok, so I do plenty of ‘screwing’ but after just one hour’s riding my right hand was about to fall off fighting the resistance of the Yamaha’s throttle return spring. It also lacks in the way of suspension adjustment.

The BMW? Well, it’s a BMW so it’s practically faultless, however its whine irrited both of us, and I couldn’t get my head around one indicator switch for each hand? Otherwise it’s exactly what I expected and that wasn’t bad either. I’m 52 and I don’t feel quite old enough for a BMW.

Kawasaki’s GTR did everything the other two did but it did it better and quieter. Silky smooth gear change, comfortable ride with the performance you would expect from just short of 1400cc. Great looks along with the practical features of this machine made it my choice. I’ve had a Yamaha, in the future I’ll consider a BMW but for now I can’t wait for it to stop raining so I can get out on my GTR again.

Paul Kenyon

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By Paul Kenyon