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Kawasaki ER-6F owner report

Published: 04 August 2007

I purchased my ER-6F in April 2007 and use it to commute through central London to Farnborough. I am a member of the "80 a Day" club. Although I didn't really want ABS, I got it, and like it. This is a commuting bike. My DR-Z400S and Honda Interceptor are for fun.

I have had NO frame cracking problems, and having just sold my CBR1000RR and Suzuki Bandit 1200 recently, I have found this ER-6 to be the best bike I have owned in ages. It is reliable, swift (but not rocketship fast), and thin for filtering prowess.

Very few riders can keep up with me in traffic (the Duke rider with HUGE balls that left me for dust recently excluded), and it gets up to 70 miles per gallon on my commute every day. Everything falls easily to hand, and ergonomically, I never have a sore back or sore wrists. It flicks around 90-degree slow corners with ease, and handles well at speeds up to 100. From there, of course, it runs out of breath and the big 1000cc power I was used to doesn't exist.

But for the job I use it for every day, I couldn't ask for a better bike. And as for the ABS? It has saved my ass once already, and that was enough. White van men should have speed limiters put on involuntarily! They can be dangerous! Oh. And I pity the poor bloke (like Jeremy Clarkson) sitting in his Lambo in the miles long traffic on the M3 while I cruise casually along. No amount of money or prestige makes up for sitting in traffic for hours on end!

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