Kawasaki’s GTR1400 First Crash Caught On Film

Here's the first crash on the all-new Kawasaki GTR1400 – courtesy of some French mates of ours at top motorcycle magazine Moto Journal.

The testers were at the launch of the bike last week, then set out to film a mickey-take of French TV show Turbeauf.

Turbeauf is one of France’s longest-running Top Gear type shows and is well-known for testing large cars in America – hence the parody of a cosseted journalist enjoying the high-flying fruits of his job abroad.

During the video you’ll see the test rider fall asleep during the briefing, heading out to the American restaurants for some essential foreign food, falling over in a pedalo and taking you for a tour of his hotel suite. Note the sunglasses that are kept on throughout (you may even be able to spot the price tag still attached).

At the end of the shoot, the idea was to fake a spill in order to wrap things up neatly for the parody – but while the camera was still rolling, test rider Zef Enault thought he’d grab the chance to try out the GTR through some more ‘enthusiastic’ turns.

The sounds of broken fibreglass and grinding metal can be heard very clearly – every panel on the bike was wrecked in the fall.

Luckily, Enault was not hurt and limped away to make his excuses to Kawasaki bosses further down the road… turn the sound up and stay with the movie until the end for the crunching crash.

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Tony Carter

By Tony Carter