Video: Trevor Franklin's CBR600RR on the dyno

Published: 26 June 2007

MCN's Chief Road Tester Trevor Franklin has been pushing his Honda CBR600RR to the limits this week as he puts it on Dynojet UK's rolling road dynamometer.

And the reason for doing this - to complement the Akrapovic end can Trev put on to liven up the sound of the bike and extract a bit more mid-range with the aid of a Power Commander PCIII fuel and ignition module. The results are not about all-out power, as the Power Commander module is only there to provide new fuel and ignition maps. These revised maps are drawn by an experienced dyno operator and Dynojet's dyno software. Each map is compiled by the software reading the bike's exhaust gases at many points through the engine's rev range and position of the throttle; the operator can then alter the fuelling to achieve the best air-fuel ratio. Power Commanders are not just for bikes with aftermarket exhausts, they also provide better throttle response and midrange drive on standard bikes affected by emmissions (noticeable by a flat spot in the lower rev range). Trev's bike now has maps for the Akrapovic can with the baffle in, baffle out, fuel economy mode, wet setting (softer performance) and many more. These are stored on a SD digital card located in an add-on Power Commander LCD screen unit (mounted on the top yoke) and can be accessed through the touch-sensitive LCD screen. A two-way toggle switch mounted on the left handlebar allows Trev to switch between two maps while on the move. The end result? "The throttle response is much more clinical in any gear at any revs," says Trev. "The wooly spot around 2-3000rpm has gone and there's a lot more drive in its place. Rolling off the throttle from high revs and back on is a lot smoother and the throttle isn't so elastic-feeling in the top gear at high rpm. The extra horsepower at peak power is gratefully received, too." 

Check out how the CBR600RR sounds on Dynojet UK's rolling road in the video below.

To see what else Trevor Franklin has been up to on his CBR600RR check out this week's edition of MCN, available from Wednesday, June 27, 2007.