Video: Three-wheeled Spyder on the road

MCN man Tom Rayner has spent the weekend blasting round the lakes of Austria on the new three-wheeled Can Am Spyder.

Read on for his first impressions of the trike and check out the video of the unusual machine below.

“The first thing you notice is that it feels nothing like a bike,” commented Tom. “It doesn’t lean when you go round corners so you feel a lot of the g-force trying to drag you sideways.

“There is plenty of torque from the 106bhp RSV Mille based engine, but the the lack of lean means that for a motorcyclist it feels very weird. I suppose the best thing to compare it to is like riding a really powerful quad bike.”

Get the full story behind the development of the back-to-front trike in the May 30 edition of MCN.


Tom Rayner

By Tom Rayner