Kawasaki GTR1400 - an owner's view

Published: 08 October 2007

The GTR1400 is slick, fast and very comfortable and I've also done 4000 miles but don't worry about the fuel consumption. Mine averages around 30-33 mpg until we get on the motorway and hour after hour its 40-44 mpg averaging out at around 180 miles to a tank. On B-roads it's thirsty but it is a big lump (mind you so am I) but it does redeem itself slightly on long rides which to be fair is what it is made for.

We are taking ours to Brands this weekend so a round trip of 500 miles, which the GTR laughs at. I am pissed at Kawasaki though for not releasing the topbox and screen yet. I rang my dealer this morning and he said we can order screens but can't guarantee delivery and as for any other GTR accessories we just have to whistle even though I paid for my topbox 6 weeks ago. It's not on Kawasaki. Great paper, makes my week so keep doing what you do guys.