Anyone with the age-old problem of a 29-inch or less inside leg measurement will know all too well the difficulty in finding a bike that allows you to get both feet, or even tip-toes, flat on the floor at standstill.

Custom bikes, cruisers, custom-cruisers aren’t everyone’s cup of Typhoo, but at least they have low seat heights. For a more sportier way of life the occasional imported Japanese 400cc market sports bike will suffice. But as for bigger capacities?

Enter BMW and its two F800 models: the S (Sports) and ST (Sport-Touring). Both these bikes are now available with a low seat height option of 760mm as apposed to the standard 820mm. A change of rear suspension, revised front forks and an optional accessory low seat have worked wonders for us shorties – and all for a piffling £90 on top of the standard bike’s list price.

Check out the video to see a modified F800ST in action before visiting your nearest BMW dealer.

Trevor Franklin

By Trevor Franklin