What Bike? Used Bike Guide - on sale now

Published: 29 May 2008

What Bike? Used Bike Guide is a brand new magazine that's essential reading for anyone buying a secondhand bike and it is on sale now.

It is packed with:

  • 179 in depth reviews
  • Expert ratings
  • Used values
  • Part-exchange prices
  • Full specs
  • Insurance quotes
  • Pictures of every bike
  • Buying advice and tips

In short it's a one-stop guide to finding the right bike for you - at the right price. Why not take a sneak peek at our online sample of What Bike? Used Bike Guide.

The 180-page What Bike? Used Bike Guide is priced at £5.20. It's been written by a panel of experts from Britain's top motorcycle publications including Motorcycle News and RiDE magazine along with leading trade experts. It is a sister publication of What Bike? - the leading guide to buying a new bike.

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