ZX12R creates future biker

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I visited some friends last Saturday and went there on my ZX12R. They let me take it through the house to the back garden for security as I was staying over for a party that night.

My friend’s daughter took a real shine to my bike and I had real difficulty getting her off it on Sunday when I had to leave! She now can’t wait until she’s old enough to have a bike of her own.

Some photos attatched of my new ‘Biker Babe’ oh, and her three legged ‘manx’ cat! There’s also a couple of photos of my mates Gixer 600 in corona trim and my best mates Blackbird in stunning Biaggi Camel colours, taken outside the Waggon and Horses pub at Great Yeldham, Essex.

John Aubrook

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By John Aubrook