Owners pay tribute to the Suzuki SV650

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In the 10 years since its launch in 1999, Suzuki have sold 20,700 SV650s in the UK alone.    

Here just a few of those owners pay tribute to the bike that launched their biking careers, got them back on two wheels, took them on track and carried them to work every day...   

"I highly recommend this bike to anyone who has passed their test, and is looking for an all-round bike which will provide fun and practicality. You will struggle to find anyone who has rode this bike who does not think that this is an excellent way of getting into motorcycling!"
– cookieowl

"A Yamaha Fazer 600 and a Suzuki Bandit 650 are the only other bikes I’ve ridden but the Suzuki tops them both with almost every aspect of biking apart from comfort. It has a better gear box, feels like it has a more torque ridden engine and therefore probably makes you seem like you're quicker than you really are."
– Jim Moorby

"I had a 2002 SV 650S 2 years ago and I have just realised what a mistake it was to sell it. I sold my bike to move up to a GSXR 600 K3, I then sold this and brought an 01 RSV Mille, these bikes may have been faster in a straight line but they didn’t compare to my old SV, even the guys who I ride out with say that I could ride my SV faster than my newer bikes. It is such a great bike."
– si megz11

"To anyone starting off riding I highly recommend the SV - cheap insurance, cheap to run and a good looking bike. I also did a track day on mine at Silverstone and showed up my uncle on his Fireblade, but that’s another story!"
– Aron Ridgeway

"I have had my SV650S for about 6 months now and I love it to bits, it looks amazing, sounds amazing and has plent of power and torque. You cant beat the noise of a V-TWIN. It is my first big bike and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent first bike that is forgiving when you make a mistake."
– J2uk

"A 2005 K5 SV650 got me back into biking after 17 year break. The bike was just sublime... quick enough, forgiving enough, sporty, I could tour on it, cracking fuel economy. Sure, if you ride it through the winter make sure you keep it regularly scottoiled - that keeps it nice. Mine got wrote off by the old 'sorry mate, I didn't see you' scenario and I still miss it."
– Simon Boulton

"Fantastic bike, great for big bike novices! Made my mate on his brand new ZX6R look silly out of corners! Sounds great with a can too. Front suspension a bit soft, but some thicker fork oil helps. Only thing to watch for are the camchain tensioners, if you do notice that dreaded rattle make sure you shop around, I ended up paying half what the main dealers were quoting me. Other than that a really great bike."
 – jimbob85

"I've now covered almost 10,000 miles on the SV and am looking into going across to France on it. I've made several trips from Surrey to Yorkshire on it and it does a fairly decent job of shielding you from the wind although not spectacular. I think this is the perfect first bike to get for anyone who has just passed and is still gaining confidence."
– Tom May

"It's difficult to write a review when you're a beginner as I aint ridden many bikes, BUT i will say, compared to what i learnt on (a Suzuki GS500) this bike is fab!! It's very forgiving, and does exactly what you ask it. I took it out in the cold the other day and it was just fantastic!! corners where a breeze (despite my adrenaline pumping!) and when i saw some clear road, it was dying to just go for it!! A bike that you have complete control of all in your right hand. LOVE IT!!"
- scoursebikergirl

"My Fazer 600 got written off and the insurance company loaned me an SV650s for a few weeks. Going from a 4-cyl to a twin was great fun as the Sv has brilliant pick-up and grunt from the off. I had a problem with the SV650s and they swapped it for a naked version. Wow! That was a revelation. I suddenly found that town riding was miles easier - I could see ahead easily and cornering was much more confidence-inspiring."
- KimLondon

"I've had a 2005 SV650S for the last two years and have used it for mainly commuting. It's excellent value for money, and very reliable. It's also good on fuel as I regularly get 60mpg and 210+ miles from a full tank of petrol. And most importantly its good fun to ride and every morning I look forward to the trip to work. What more can you ask from a budget bike? Simply Awesome."
- Tooshay

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