Ducati Glasgow’s £22k Streetfighter S special

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It’s hard to imagine how you could improve on an impressive machine like the Ducati Streetfighter S, but Ducati Glasgow has given it a go anyway and created this fantastic special complete with £8663-worth of goodies.

Pictures never do black bikes justice, but in the flesh this metallic Midnight Black Ducati is simply spellbinding.

You’re drawn to the perfectly finished carbon fibre panels, the 70mm Termignoni exhaust with carbon cans and the exposed red anodised Ducati Performance dry slipper clutch.

Then there’s the cherry on this very special cake: the lightweight BST carbon wheels.

Out on the road, compared to the standard Ducati Streetfighter S, the overriding sensation is how the slipper clutch takes away most of the engine braking when you back off the throttle.

It makes the Ducati far smoother to ride and if you want to play the fool will let you ‘back it in’ far easier too.

The BST carbon fibre wheels, while expensive, make a big difference to the way the Streetfighter S steers. Flicking from side to side takes even less effort than before, if that were possible.

The raucous Termignoni exhaust sounds beautiful but is flipping loud. I get paranoid pumping so much noise pollution into Glasgow city centre after while, so I turn the Ducati off every time I have to stop at traffic lights.

It would never be allowed at most trackdays. 

On the road the Ducati Glasgow Streetfighter S is much smoother, lighter and more responsive than the standard motorcycle, but it’s only on the track where you would really start to appreciate what kind of difference these quality bolt-ons would make.

The only thing left to do if it were my Streetfighter S is to replace the standard Pirelli Diablo Corsa III tyres with something stickier.

This is Ducati’s Streetfighter at its absolute best: sexy, fast, loud and even better handling, thanks to all the modifications.

If you’re lucky enough to own the standard S model, it’s more than you’ll ever need for the road or track, but if there was one modification we’d recommend from all this bling, it would be the Ducati Performance slipper clutch.

A slipper clutch is standard on smaller Ducati models like the Monster 696 and Hypermotard 796.

Cancelling out much of the big twin-cylinder’s engine braking the slipper clutch makes normal riding a much smoother affair and helps out considerably on the track.


• BST carbon fibre wheels – £2161
• 70mm Termignoni exhaust system -£1948
• Ducati Performance dry slipper clutch conversion – £817 (billet ally cover £129)
• Ducati Performance Quickshifter – £530
• Ducati Performance fork preload adjuster covers – £36
• Neoprene racing seat – £123

Ducati Performance carbon fibre parts
• Side panels – £389
• Air tubes – £335
• Rear hugger – £194
• Ignition cover – £163
• Rear seat cover – £186
• Dash cover – £124
• Number plate holder – £132
• Tank pad – £37
• Swingarm protector – £171
• Front sprocket cover – £102
• Chain and sprockets (520-pitch conversion plus rear sprocket carrier to enable gearing changes) – £354
• Ducati Performance red anodised master cylinder – £139
• Ducati Performance flip-up clutch and brake levers, including brake master cylinder – £202
• Ducati Performance red anodised oil filler plug – £21
• Ducati Performance fuel filler cap – £92
• R&G rear spindle protectors – £34
• R&G fork protectors – £34
• R&G crash bungs – £76
• R&G radiator protector – £64