Suzuki SV560: Great do it all bike

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I first got my Yellow Canadian 1999 Suzuki SV650S and it was a great bike.

I got it super cheap as a multi-owner used bike. Great bike.

It has all the power you need but not too much as to get you into some major trouble. Still, a 200kph plus max speed is plenty for me.

Then some idiot turned in front of me at an intersection stop light and I lost the SV, but ended up getting the fuel injected 2006 model to replace it.

It’s slightly different but I love the fuel injection – it makes tweaking with the power commander easier than messing with carbs and jets.

Perhaps a bit bigger feeling than the 1999 model but still as good as the original.

I guess I’ve not driven a lot of the newer sport bikes as I came from 80’s standards and early sport bikes like the FJ1100/1200 but this does it all well.

Sure it may not beat a Yamaha R1 or Suzuki GSX-R on the track but this is a street bike – a comfortable, light, well performing bike, with decent mileage.

The V-Twin sounds, looks and has the torque. After the SV I don’t know if I could ever go back to an inline four bike.


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