Can't wait for the Honda V4? Try one of these...

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Honda is uncharacteristically bullish about the new Honda V4, as revealed in MCN’s recent interview with boss Shigeru Takagi. If this confidence is well founded, Honda’s rivals need to be very worried… or do they? 

The new V4 is clearly set to take the place of the now-defunct Blackbird, offering bags of comfort as well as eyeball-popping performance.

Here’s what the VFR1200 will be competing with when it goes to market:


BMW K1300S

BMW K1300S – £10,165
This seriously competent and ultra-fast sports tourer is the Honda’s most obvious rival. Four-cylinder engine makes 172bhp, front end is the incredibly stable Duolever system, and it comes with zillions of options.


Triumph Sprint ST

Triumph sprint ST – £8079
Final nail in the coffin of Honda’s ageing VFR. The Sprint’s inline triple engine (123bhp) is a peach and the bike handles well for a machine that can rack up mega miles. Now comes with ABS too.


Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki hayabusa – £9521
Outstandingly powerful – 183bhp – and now much more competent in corners than Busas of old. Comfort is not up to K1300S standards, and it’s £1500 more than the friskier ST, but if you want pure speed, no contest… 

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