Poll: What do you think of the Honda DN-01?

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What do you think of the Honda DN-01? Have your say in the online poll below.

Honda’s odd-ball DN-01 costs a whopping £9,223 OTR. For the same cash or less, you could pretty much have your pick of the latest cutting edge 2009 bikes.

But for your money you do get ABS brakes, seriously original styling and Honda’s HFT (Human Friendly Transmission). The HFT system lets you chose between three gearbox modes: automatic, sport and a steptronic manual mode that lets you change gears with a rocker switch on the left handlebar.

What do you think of Honda’s strange cruiser-scooter hybrid? A glimpse of the future or an irrelevance to UK bikers? Please let us know by voting in the poll and commenting on this article. 


James Keen

By James Keen