Ducati Streetfighter world first ride - UPDATED

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The Ducati Streetfighter is one of the liveliest bikes Ducati currently makes. And since it comes out of the same gates as the Hypermotard and super powerful 1098R, that really is saying something. MCN Editor Marc Potter is at the world launch right now and will be reporting back throughout the day with his impressions on the new bike.

The Streetfighter starts to sing – 1:40pm

I must admit that the Streetfighter S left me a little confused this morning, although everything works it takes some time to adapt your riding to the bike. The bike’s engine incredibly punchy for a naked bike. Combine that with a quick steering chassis and you’ve got a bike that takes some time to get your head around.

The more time you spend on the bike, and become more aggressive with it, the more it starts to sing and the package comes together.

Ducati has managed to build a cross between a giant supermoto with most of the performance of a superbike which is exactly right for the changing world of motorcycling.

First impressions – 10am

Our first ride on the 1098-powered super naked at the Ascari racetrack in Spain this morning showed the bike is every bit as good to ride as it looks.

In the morning sunlight, the stubby 155bhp V-twin looks even better in the metal than it does in pictures. However you can’t help being reminded that it does look like a crashed 1098, but in a good way. 

Although after just a brief session I’m still familiarising myself with the track, the Ducati Streetfighter lets you stick it in fourth and find your way round.

The grunt from the motor is strong and it’s the kind of bike that brings a massive smile to your face. I rode an air-cooled Monster 1100S last week to familiarise myself again with naked Ducatis. Although it has a similar silhouette, the bikes are completely different. That was good but this thing is more fierce. I’ve got loads more time on the bike today so will bring you more detailed feedback later on.

Keep checking back on the Ducati Streetfighter launch centre for more photos, video and riding impressions later today. 

Marc Potter

By Marc Potter