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If you’re after a bargain run-around or workhorse, look no further. Here’s 5 of the best commuters for under £2k, as rated by MCN readers in the MCN Biking Britain survey.

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Here’s 5 of the best commuters on the market for under £2k, according to you:


Yamaha Diversion 900

1. Yamaha Diversion 900 (1994-2004)
“The Yamaha XJ900S Diversion is a real, no-nonsense all-rounder. Ok, so it lacks outstanding performance or any semblance of sexiness but who cares? For bikers on a budget who ride in the real world, the Yamaha Diversion is hard to beat. Has a long standing and respectable heritage, too.”


Honda CB500

2. Honda CB500 (1994-2003)
“The Honda CB500 is a first big motorcycle you’ll never want to sell. It’s huge fun because it’s so confidence-inspiring, meaning you can take it anywhere and it’ll make you feel you can push your limits. Very competent: commuters and couriers love Honda CB500s for their reliability and all-round, top-notch performance.  In all aspects, the CB500‘s a winner.”


Honda CG125

3. Honda CG125 (1975-current)
“How can you argue with ten million commuters worldwide, still pootling to work in mucky overalls, some thirty years after the Honda CG125 was launched? The Honda CG125 goes, it stops, it goes again the next day – simple as that. The Honda CG125 is the Spam of biking; a bit downmarket, stodgy and uninspiring, but ultimately does exactly what it says on the tin.”


Honda Hornet

4. Honda Hornet 600 (1998-2006)
“The Honda CB600F Hornet uses simple ingredients, thoughtfully combined to create a motorcycle far better than you’d guess. Old Honda CBR600F engine plus a basic frame, cost conscious suspension and upright bars make a versatile bike that’s fun and practical. The CB600F Hornet suits shorter bikers well too.”


Yamaha YBR125

5. Yamaha YBR125 (2005-current)
“Not the most stylish kid on the block but, as budget, basic learners go, the Yamaha YBR125 offers pretty good value for money. Gentle, easy going and practical, it’ll see you through your test and, if you want, beyond. The Yamaha YBR125 is best as a city ride, there’s enough poke to wind you through rush hour traffic and the handling’s not bad either.”


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James Keen

By James Keen