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Sometimes it seems that in the battle for less weight, more power and sharper handling, bike manufacturers are forgetting that the majority of us spend our time on the road, not the track. Here's 5 bikes that offer the character and performance of sports bikes in a package built for the real world.

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5 sports bikes that are just as happy touring as they are dicing around Brands: 


Honda CBR600F

Honda CBR600F (2000-2007)
"The Honda CBR600F was, and remains, a brilliant motorcycle with real power and excitement but with the added practicalities to make it a contender for just about anyone’s garage. Loads of power, plenty of torque but forgiving of the odd wrong gear or rider hiccup: it’s a ball to ride."


Suzuki SV1000

Suzuki SV1000 (2003-current)
"The Suzuki SV1000 is a purpose built big capacity, sensibly priced, road going sporty V-twin. Ok, the engine’s nicked from Suzuki’s old TL1000S but the rest of the SV1000 is all-new yet the price tag is very reasonable new or used. The faired Suzuki SV1000 ‘S’ version has lower bars but is the better all-rounder. The unfaired SV1000 with higher bars is a real funster if less competent on the motorway."


Triumph Daytona 650

Triumph Daytona 650 (2003-2005)
"The Triumph Daytona 650 is lighter, smoother, faster and infinitely prettier than the TT600. What’s more, Bruce Anstey won the Junior TT on one in 2003 which goes to show what improvements Triumph made to their 600cc sports middleweight contender. The Triumph Daytona 650 is a beauty: an involved ride with excellent handling, amazing brakes and it’s good value."


Kawasaki ZX-9R

Kawasaki ZX-9R (1994-2002)
"Like so many motorcycles the Kawasaki ZX-9R began life as a sports machine, didn’t quite cut it and ended up as an excellent sporty sports-tourer. It’s indecently fast and should put 175+mph on the clock with minimal hassle. Early Kawasaki ZX-9Rs were heavy but from the ‘C’ variant of 1998 onwards it’s light enough to be a capable if not cutting edge sports machine."


Honda VFR800

Honda VFR800 (2001-current)
"In the late 90s the old VFR800 was a great bike but needed updating. Its replacement, the Honda VFR800 V-Tec, is a beautiful thing and rides, goes and handles superbly too. Like VFRs of old, the Honda VFR800 V-Tec motor simply gets on with the job, but is deceptively quick while it does it."


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