VFR1200F first ride blog: in Japan, the day before the Toyko Motor Show

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MCN’s Andy Downes will be testing the new VFR1200F in Japan later this week. He will be posting regular updates of his experiences.

‘Tomorrow is the 41st Toyko Motor Show where we will get to see the new Hondas (VFR1200F, CB1100 and some electric scooters) and other interesting stuff like the fuel cell Suzuki Burgman scooter which runs on hydrogen to produce just water as a waste product.

‘MCN will also be interviewing President of Honda to ask him about the future of Honda. Then we travel 200 miles north on the Bullet Train to Sendai ready for a day of track testing the VFR1200F and the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) version at Sugo (where World Superbikes used to race).

‘There will be an opportunity to test the bikes on circuit infields roads to replicate road riding too. MCN will then get to interview VFR project leaders and meet ex-Honda GP racer Tohru Ukawa who will be there.

‘On Friday we fly south to Kumamoto to see the Honda factory where the bikes are built before returning to Motegi for a tour of the Honda Collection Hall museum.’

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter