VFR1200F first ride blog: Dual Clutch Transmission review

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MCN’s Andy Downes is testing the new VFR1200F in Japan. Andy is at Sugo race track right now, and has just been out riding on a VFR1200F with Dual Clutch Transmission for the first time.

‘I’ve just stepped off the Honda VFR1200F fitted with the Dual Clutch Transmission – the first version of a motorcycle with a system that has been used on cars for the past few years.

To say it transforms the riding experience is an understatement – it just does exactly what you hope and expect with little in the way of compromises.

The system has two modes – fully automatic which can be in Sport or Drive. Sport holds onto gears longer, blip down changes and is more suitable to the track. Drive is fully automatic and slurs between changes. There is no clutch lever and no gear change pedal either.

The other mode is manual where two paddles on the left handlebar are operated by index finger for upshifts, thumb for downshifts. It’s very clever and extremely nice to ride with every gear change being perfect.

We are about to head out onto the roads within the Sugo circuit to get more of an idea of what the VFR1200 is like away from the racetrack where it’s sport tourer routes are a little unsuited.

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter