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On 11 April 2008 I passed my motorcycle test, I was 17 at the time. This means that until 11 April 2010 I’m restricted to 33bhp and my Kawasaki Versys long term test bike has already arrived.

On Monday 12 April I’ll ride the Versys for the first time, and I plan to have completed the 600-mile run in period before the week is out, so I can feel the full stomp of the 64bhp parallel twin.

The weather recently has been beautiful. I just hope it holds out for another week so I can enjoy the Versys in the dry.

I’ve waited patiently for two years for my restriction to come off. But these last few days, knowing I have a bike ready to go, have been the worst.

This year I’ve planned to take the Versys over to the Isle of Man for TT week to sample the mountain course.

I’ll be taking it to the Isle of Arran for a weekend with the other half and I’ve also got rather epic trip planned which is still in the planning stages -more on that when I’ve finalised the details.

Drop by next week to read my thoughts on my first ever foray in to the world of full-power motorcycles.

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