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Sorry to rub it in, but I’ve escaped the icy clutches of British winter. After 22 hours in the air, I’ve just landed in Australia (Sydney to be exact) and I’m planning a week of sunny biking excess.  

I’m not going to give too much away, just in case some of my plans fall through. It’s tricky making arrangements with the other side of the world, what with the time difference, and the fact that MCN isn’t as well known there.  

But if it all comes off, I’ll be meeting, and even riding with, some Australian motorcycling Grand Prix royalty and I’m hoping to ride some drop-dead amazing specials.

It’s Friday night here now (although my body is telling me it’s Friday morning, thanks to the 11-hour time difference), but in the morning I’m off to Frazier’s Ducati to collect a black Streetfighter S, which will be my sexy wheels for the week.

I’m going to use the Streetfighter to explore Sydney, and on Sunday take a ride out to the Old Pacific Highway, heading north out of the city. ‘The Old Road’, as they call it is a Mecca to bikers. It’s littered with switchback turns, cafes and bathed in 35 degree sunshine this time of the year. I can’t wait!

I’ll check back here every day with stories and pictures, and the full reports will be in MCN soon. I haven’t got any pictures today as I’ve just got here, so here’s a picture of, erm…Sydney with me in it…taken last year!


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