Australia Blog: Day 5 - Wild day with Extreme Creations

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Today has been by far the wildest day in Oz for me. I’ve been with the guys from Extreme Creations, the most prolific specials builders in Australia. To cut a long story short, these guys are nuts.

For the day I hung out with owner Ben Shaw, his business partner, Pete Flynn and one of his customers Steve Sax, who I’ll come to in a minute. They have a passion for turbo-charged excess speed, partying and beer, which borders on scary…in a nice way, of course. The way they talk so matter-of-factly about spinning rear tyres at 100mph when 350bhp turbo-charged engines kick in on modded Busas, ZX-9Rs, ZX-10Rs and GSX-R1000s, is a bit unnerving.  

After checking out their premises in an industrial estate near Manly Beach, north of Sydney, we all rode to a few photo locations, myself on the Ducati Streetfighter, Ben on the ‘Judge’ (his 220bhp ZX-9R drag bike) and Steve Sax on an Extreme Creations prepared Honda CB1000R, the only turbo’d one of its kind in the world.

Both bikes have 240-section rear tyres and cut down tail units, so look scary when you’re following and are just about as loud as they can physically be. Every now and then when the road clears Ben opens the taps on the Judge, there’s a slight pause then all hell breaks loose. The revs rise so fast he’s instantly into the next gear, then another one as the fat rear tyre deposits another big chunk of tread on the Australian tarmac.

I got to ride both bikes, and it was an experience. Check out MCN for the full tests soon.

Once back at their factory, in true Aussie style, out came bottle after bottle of ice cold beer. Apparently the law states you can drink two drinks in the first hour, then one an hour and you’ll be within the drink drive limit, which seems a bit mad? Not sure if it’s true, but my Aussie photographer seemed to think so too. I wasn’t about to test the theory out so was a good boy. Top blokes, tops bikes…top day!

Tomorrow we’re off to see Wayne Gardner…


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