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I have an addictive personality; I horde things, lots of things. There are approximately 30 pairs of shoes scattered around my house, my garage looks like a library, the loft is full of old C90 compilation tapes and LPs... and now that I own a bike which demands the use of an open-face lid I fear I might've started a collection of speciality eyewear.

Currently swapping between three pairs of goggles on my daily commute, each pair makes me feel and look different (don't even think about it, I've heard it all).

1. Aviators: a classic look, unobtrusive, lightweight and subtle. Come with dark lenses, which is handy on bright mornings and evenings.

2. Scott Enduro: dirt bike goggles I had knocking about the garage. The biggest pair I own, too vented for quick road use (eyes stream after a prolonged run), but lend my lid a touch of the pre-65s. Clear lens means dazzling is an issue.

3. Scott Voltage: Designed for cruisers, look like something out of a comic book. Definitely the most eye-catching ­ kids stare and point, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Sadly, the 'frowning' brow design obstructs vision in a racing tuck (well, they are designed for laid back cruising) but at least sitting more upright is helping to keep my speed down.

Maybe I'll buy a few more pairs so there's one for each working day of the week...

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott