Kawasaki GTR1400 FOB woes

FOR 2010 Kawasaki 1400 GTR owners Hi from down under, Ponder this; I have just only recently undertook a very costly trip to Phillip Island for the 2010 WSBK season starter.

I had only just picked up my brand new 2010 GTR 1400 from a major motorcycle dealer in Sydney’s west. We planned to ride through the Snowy’s via Tumit and down to Lakes Entrance over a couple of days.

We booked into a motel in lakes entrance and I parked my baby on the centre stand on a gravel car park. During the night, water had been flowing through a downpipe and under the GTR.

We got up in the morning and proceeded to pack the bikes up for our last leg to the Island. I have a top box on the GTR, factory one, which has a different key to the keys that operate the panniers and fuel cap which is detachable from the FOB.

My FOB, which you have to carry around with you (staple it too your chest)was attached to the key for the top box. Nothing special!

The ignition can only be activated via this FOB within a 5 metre radius of the bike. I went to move the bike off the centre stand and she fell over. Damage was superficial. The ground underneath the bike gave way.

We picked the bike up and not realising I had left the FOB dangling from the key on the top box, we took off. Now bear in mind the FOB was still within the activation area of the bike.

We had ridden from Lakes entrance through Bairnsdale and were approximately 75kms from Bairnsdale when the guys decided to have a toilet break.

I pulled in and jumped off the bike not realising the FOB was then missing. After you switch off the engine the on board computer gives you approximately 10 seconds to re-start the bike.

After about 30 seconds I walk to the back of the bike and realised the FOB was missing because the attached key was still in the top box. I could not re-start the bike.

A warning message “no transponder” is supposed to flash up on the instrument panel, it never did! Kawasaki or the dealers do not tell you have to carry the spare key in case you lose the FOB.

I was in Victoria in the middle of nowhere and the spare was in Sydney. I had all my luggage in the panniers.

To have the key couriered to me would have taken approximately 2 days(this happened Friday afternoon). I rung the most helpful guys at Kawasaki Bairnsdale for Assistance.

The only way to sort the problem was to pick up the bike and replace the CPU as they did not have the spare key to re key a new FOB. The fact they had a NEW GTR in the showroom was very lucky.

I was absolutely astounded that this was the only way I could get back on the road. Now, understanding I was stressed when I dropped the bike initially and stupidly let the FOB and subsequently lost it in the top box.

Imagine if your stuck in the real bush! This exercise cost me $1700 and the insurance company, QBE said no to my claim and is a big lesson ,the hard way, if buying a GTR1400.

If you are looking for a CPU and spare key for a GTR, call me! The moral to the story; ensure you always take the spare key & think twice about your insurance company and your cover!

Kawasaki had never thought of this, maybe we are trying to be too smart! Kind Regards Roy Kemp.

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