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The Victory Hammer S continues to be a pleasure as I rack up miles in the sun, and I’ve yet to run in to any problems.

It also continues to draw praise. A week spent road testing meant the Hammer was sat idle, so I lent it to web producer Liam Marsden while his Kawasaki Versys was being repaired following an attempted theft.

Despite being a cheapskate northerner who begrudges paying for anything, he was impressed by the premium-priced Hammer – the noise, style and huge grunt put a smile on his gormless chops.

MCN columnist Kev Ash has spent a week riding an identical Hammer S too. Ashy has been a bike journalist since before the wheel was invented, so has seen everything and is rarely impressed.

But the Hammer managed to escape even his cynical judgement – the finish and usability impressing him.

Yet the Victory only provokes mild curiosity from Harley people. Dealers, Harley employees and owners seem reluctant to ask more than a few cursory questions about what it’s like. It’s as if they don’t really take it seriously – which is a shame.

So I’m extending an invite to Harley-Davidson owners to come and try it in the near future. Ideally you’ll ride a remotely compatible Harley (a Fat Boy or a V-Rod for example), but anyone is welcome.

It’ll be a Peterborough-based test, date to be announced when I have a few more volunteers. Email me: to register your interest.

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Chris Newbigging

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