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18 Months ago I bought an old CBR 1000F for £900 to keep me on the road after the 1300 Pan European had to go, there are 3 other little reports in the archives if anyone is interested.

Now 11,000 miles on it's been used every day right through summer and winter with no dramas. It's cost nothing except consumables and I've enjoyed every munute.

With a heavy heart it's just sold for £800 due to a hip operation so £100 (+ consumables) for a lot of pleasure aint bad.

Especially as the alternative would have been the train which would have cost about £4000 over the same period Obvious moral - keep on biking even if you're feeling the pinch, or don't be frightened of a cheap first big bike - there are a lot out there for under £1000.

Roll on spring when I'll be off the crutches and buying another!

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